by First Marriage

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Recorded in a living room using IPhone voice memos.


released January 19, 2015

Dylan Flanagan - Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Robinson - Drums



all rights reserved


First Marriage Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Idle Traffic
I don't really wanna talk about it.
There's nothing to really to talk about, then.
The asphalt looks a lot dirtier when you're stuck sitting in traffic.
You don't need to see the gum and cigarette butts
Littered all along the highway
Just keep an eye out for the exit ahead.
Leave the orange bags from the county jail.

I gotta tell ya honey, it's no use.
You try to change me.
You know you can't change the news.
What happens, happens. there's no use for an excuse.
How could it matter to you?
Oh, why should it matter to you?
Track Name: Frail
It's hard to say "I'm happy."
Not that I can't feel happy,
I've just got no control over it, over when or how it happens.
Good times never feel all that real.
It all goes by like that.
There's never a really a chance to digest it.

I guess I'm getting comfortable. Made my rent but yet I'm still unsettled.
I don't know what could be missing. Is there even a void worth filling? Everyone knows just how to "fix me."

Mama wishes I'd give god a chance. My younger self just wants to drop his pants.
I get to feeling lonely sometimes but I'm convinced I can find fulfillment within.
I've seen my growth and can judge my own potential.
That's a quality that I can't say I've had before.
Track Name: Twisted Neck
Leave me in the dark
Just remove these distractions
Am I here? What have I done?
Redundancy's my Achilles heel.
self-loathing, so contrite.
And the pain, it won't subside.
Abandoned my integrity
And dismissed all convictions.

I said "I cross my heart and hope to die."
Said "I promise." Promised to myself, but of course I lied.
I've got nobody to blame.

Rid me of this heart,
This guilt, my emotions.
Because right now I can only feel
Worthlessness and tension,
self-loathing, still contrite.
And the pain just won't subside.
Abandoned my integrity
And dismissed all convictions.

I said "I cross my heart and hope to die."
Said "I promise," promised to myself, but I of course I lied.
I've got nobody to blame but me.
The deed was done, can't wash the blood from my hands.
Grieving, anticipating, awaiting acceptance.
There's no use dwelling in the past.

My mistakes are fixed in the past.
There's no use in looking back.
I'm getting tired. There's these wrinkles on my neck,
From watching my shadow rather than the sunset.
Track Name: Dope Sick
Look at all of these rational people.
Watch how they warn and condescend me.
I think I know what I'm getting into,
I can't justify it for you.
Lost my keys three times this morning.
Set aside prescription warnings.
Getting dumber but feeling better,
Unaffected by the weather.

Dope sick, I'm feeling dope sick. Is it worth it? I hope it's worth it.
I've never really cleaned my veins,
I never want to feel this way.
Just need to get by, just let me fucking get high.

I can't say I don't feel deceived and neglected.
The doctors', diagnosis', and prescriptions were all a scam.
Call me fucking paranoid, or quite a bit delusional,
But I don't wanna take their poison anymore.